Say I have an image-generating website and every image is unique, and there is no way to know of the images beforehand, and each image has it's own page.

On a button-click I would have to generate this unique (.JSP) file/page and then display the image in that one.


buttonclick -> imagegenerator.net/9ds7esd
buttonclick -> imagenegerator.net/7eBds321
buttonclick -> imagegenerator/009231eebd

How would I go about this? Is this possible?

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if you save your images after they are generated. i would also save the path in a database and then use one single loading page that fetches the image id from the query string.

but without knowing exactly how you want to interact with your pages its hard to say for sure what sstem would work best for you...

do you want perma links to re-visit those images, or they are generated on the spot when page loads and then they are gone and a new image should be re-generated when the page is re-visited?

elaborate a bit on what your site should do and we could find a solution more easily!

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