Im creating dynamic checkboxes on page_load(by getting the number of floors of a building from database)

if user checks any one of floor checkboxes and hits generateflats button(Postback) then I will refer to the flats existing in that particular floor and I will generate flats(checkboxes ) dynamically.

the problem is I cant get the properties of these checkboxes if I hit the save button.

How can I restore the properties of the dynamic controls(Check boxes)

This is very much urgent for my project Plzzzzzzzzz help me

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man, my explanation isnt clear, but as i understood and correct me if i am wrong.
u r creating checkboxes dynamically, representing floors or flats in certain floor.
ur problem is when u create checkbox represneting flats in specific floor and then u want to restore the checkboxes representing the total floors created during the page_load.

if that is the problem, u have to create hidden varaiable and put in it the number of floors created during the page_load. then when u want to restore the floors just refer to this var and create checkboxes and no need to read from database twice.


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