I have a website which holds articles. So right now theres a page called viewarticle.php and i use GET to send the article id so that it will be retrieved by MySQL database (for eg. viewarticle.php?id=2 loads article no. 2) But instead of that is there a way of refering to the links by article titles for eg. I have an article called "Intro to linux" so can it have a link like /website/articles/intro-to-linux/ ?

I dont know whether these are called dynamic links or not. If someone could tell me I would be most pleased.
Thanks in advance, Athul

i just add another field onto the mysql database called "seourl" which has the value "intro-to-linux" then rather than doing a lookup on the id do a lookup on that seourl.

you need a url rewrite to be able to make them urls you mentioned, such as with htaccess

Thanks, But is there good tutorial on url rewrite?

This is one of my favorite website: Click Here
Here htaccess code is generated based on your selection, you just need to add it in root of your project.