Hey everyone,

I'm working in a team on an IOS App and web app and the app relies on facebook pages to retrieve cafe names to let users check in the cafe they are at. But, the problem is that not all cafes have a facebook page.We would like to get an accurate location of where they are( we don't want them to enter any rubbish data)...

Any ideas please?


What language are you creating the Application in? I haven't ever tried doing this; so this is basically going off theory. But, you could try locating them through their longattiude and lattidude and then using Googles API try and search for the nearest Cafe around this data. This is just a thought though.

I don't know what you could do specifically in using PHP, since, if you go on the data provided by the IP then this may not be accurate as say the GPRS system build into the iPhone/iPad. I did read an article, which used Javascript/jQuery to retrive the users current location, however, this did prompt the user to accept it.

Hope this helps, again, just theory.

We want users to enter accurate location details. We can get their current location based on where they are but the problem is that if they are checking in cafes while they are on a bus or train, then this info is useless. I like your idea. It may work, who knows. I will consider it..