Dear experties,
I need your help. I have a problem when i want to view user remark that view in 1 line without enter to the next line as user enter during create remark.
But it's ok if I view that remark using text area but need to scroll.. how can I view the remark without scroll if more then 2 line with enter mode..

please help me out...

Thank you..

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THat's not very clear. Perhaps if you show the code you have so far.

Dear Mr Ardav,
thanks for reply..

I have a form + a send program to send text in a row in mySQL. This is work fine, so when you add some enter key, the <br> is not send to the data base, and all the text is writin on the same line. I have to use de <br> command to do that, so this is not very friendly for the end user.

the code is

<p align="left">
                  <textarea name="detail" cols="70" rows="8" id="detail"></textarea>

When you echo details on page use nl2br function.

echo nl2br($detail);

Thanks for reply

I just view the data in the table..

<td><?php echo $row2['detail']; ?></td>

<td><?php echo nl2br($row2['detail']); ?></td>

Thanks!! it's work! that's what I want.. tq3 vibhaJ!! really help me out!!