Hi All
I am using struts2 for my multi lingual web application.Here I am faceing a problem with select box ,which contains options in different languages.
I am using standard HTML code for representaion of the characters in different languages.
Problem is selectbox not showing options in diff languages,rather it is showing html code as it is.
in s:property tag,s:textbox tag I can display using "escapeHtml=false" option,wchich is not working in selectbox.Is there any provision to show those things in struts2 select box.


The actual Problem is
List of values as HTML codes(for example प for Hindi letter 'pa') are coming from the DB to my application.That values I need to
display as options of drop-down.
Here The list of options are displayed as पर instead of Hindi letters 'pa' 'ra'.

(Problem is & is rendered as &-amp; instead of & so for 'pa' it is becoming '&-amp;#2346'. which browser is unable
to identify as HTML code(ignore -) ).

Please reply back immediately