Hi everybody,

What is the problem in this code.the layout record print not seperately.display  cascade style.

  anybody help me.

<?php foreach ($planbooks as $planbook): ?>

  <div id="planbook-content" class="float"  onclick="window.location.href='<?php echo url_for("@planbook_planmate") ?>' ">

  <?php for($i=0;$i<=planbook; $i++): ?>
  <?php $planbook =$i?>

    <?php $count++ ?>
    <div planbook="<?php echo $i ?>" class="float"?><?php echo $planbook ?></div>
  <?php if($count%5==0):?>
  <div class="clear-both"></div>
   <a onclick="window.location.href='<?php echo url_for("@planbook_planmate" ) ?>'" ></a>

<div><span class="filed-label">Title: <?php echo $planbook['title_name'] ?></span><br /></div>
<div><span class="filed-label">Country: <?php echo $planbook['country_id'] ?></span><br /></div>
<div><span class="filed-label">Area: <?php echo $planbook['zone_id'] ?></span><br /><div>
<div><span class="filed-label">Place: <?php echo $planbook['place'] ?></span><br /></div>
<div><span class="filed-label">Occasion: <?php echo $planbook['occasion'] ?><br></span></div>
<div><span class="filed-label">Itinerary: <?php echo $planbook['itinerary'] ?></span><br /></div>
<div><span class="filed-label">Date: <?php echo $planbook['date'] ?></span><br /> </div>
</div><span class="filed-label">Description: <?php echo $planbook['description'] ?></span><br /></div>

<div class="clear-both"></div>


<?php endif ?>
<?php endfor ?>
<?php endforeach ?>


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Why do you for the variable $planbook to assign the variable $i(the row 10)?
The variable $i it is integer, and you access the variable $planbook as an array.

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