Is there any way to backup/dump/export all the databases in one step and vice-versa (import all databases into MySQL) in MySQL ? If yes, then how I can do this..?

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  1. You can use the shell command directly
  2. You can use a cron job to run shell or php
  3. Use phpMyAdmin or similar GUI
  4. Use php to backup etc, but AFAIK, you need to cycle through the tables.

However, I came across this:
Haven't tried it.

Also PDO (and I think mysqli) can run multiple queries. SO you may be able to fiddle something with that.

dear in one step i think it is not possible. you can google it
i would suggest you that just go to database and export files or backup it to your email. or you can just ask your hosting company for it.

You have to download every database. This can be easily done using PHP-MY-ADMIN.


If you use mysqldump, then you can use the --all-databases parameter. Note that you should use a user which has access to them all.