Hello, can anybody help me here?

I am using mysql database and xampp server. Now, I made the database using my laptop computer and I have to distribute the database with its records to another laptop computer. The problem is when I tried to transfer the database file to the other laptop, looked at the database on the second laptop using the browser, all FIELDS in the TABLES that I've recently made are gone (resulting it for the site to retrieve null values and prompt error). The two laptops got the same versions of xampp now and still problem is the same.

Any ideas please? Thanks

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Hello bflack,

it's pretty easy in oracle, you just use 'imp' and 'exp' commands to import and export respectively. see this link for ideas on mysql

I'm not using xamp but as far as I know xamp includes phpmyadmin which you can use to export / import databases or tables. In phpmyadmin go to home icon (on the far top left) select the database to export and from the top menu in the right pane select export. You do not need to change any options just export to SQL format.

To import got ot the phpmyadmin on another computer, click the home icon and then select the import from menu in the right pane. Browse to find the file you exported previously and this is it.

To broj1: I exported the database and it produced a (.sql format) file. Then on the other computer, I exported the file, didn't change any other options, but it prompts and error saying:

MysQL said:

1046 - No database selected

If mysql import fails, there is another option I called this force directory import, or copy and paste import.

In your source system, open xampp directory.
Open mysql/data directory.
Look for the database directory you want to import, copy and save this to flash drive.

On the reciever system, open the xampp/mysql/data directory.
Paste the database you want to import.

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