Hello guys, I just deployed my site and when I try to view through the browser I get

"403 - Forbidden: Access is denied." error.

this does not happen when I replace index.aspx in the wwwroot folder with index.html.

I would really appreciate any advice on this thank you.

Just a wild guess. IIS is the web server? I am not too familiar with it, but it executes all the asp scripts (and their compiled version as well) under the user context IUSR_xxx *(xxx ist the server name). So if you perform a transaction inside your code that requires more privileges, IIS will try to find out your login credentials and will otherwise issue a permission denied error.

Example for such a transaction: write a file to a place where IUSR_*xxx has no permission.

This must be on an IIS server. As far as I know, you cannot run asp.net on any other non Microsoft web server. Make sure you go back and validate your config. I would start by making sure that your IIS is configured to serve asp.net pages. It may not be enabled.

Also, for IIS issues, I always recommend that you check for resources available on IIS.net.