well I have this code, at first it was working perfectly....then a little modification just caused an error.
I want to know what are the possible causes of this error

Notice: Undefined index: CSM_blackmere_portside2_1 in C:\xampp\htdocs\PMS\F51-AI_insert.php on line 16

aside from, of course being defined ..
i'm thinking of something like a code might be hindering the variable to get its value ?
e.g. getting the value of an input box but the property Disabled is blocking it

i've been stucked with this, any help would be appreciated...

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Check you code at line ~16 and if you don't find anything strange then paste your script here.

@vibhaJ sorry, I didn't saw your answer! ;D

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or maybe you could try to check if there are any missing character like ";" ?
but yeah if it doesn't solve the problem post it here.

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