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Hi all, been using Chrome's Inspect Element to debug some js and I came across 2 anomalies:

Directly below the html tag:

<object type="{0C55C096-0F1D-4F28-AAA2-85EF591126E7}" cotype="cs" id="cosymantecbfw" style="width: 0px; height: 0px; display: block;"></object>

Then in the head area:

<script type="text/javascript" id="WCIDWAXScript" defer="defer">function WCIDCollect() { var VIS_SIG_TEXT = "T"; var VIS_SIG_IMAGE = "G"; var VIS_SIG_INPUT = "I"; var VIS_SIG_BUTTON = "B"; var VIS_SIG_CHECKBOX = "C"; var VIS_SIG_RADIO = "R"; var VIS_SIG_SELECT = "S"; var VIS_SIG_LINE = "L"; var VIS_SIG_FILE = "F"; var VIS_SIG_NEWLINE = "n"; function PageData() { this.separator = String.fromCharCode(1); this.output = new Array(); this.backgroundImages = new Array(); this.backgroundImage = ""; this.bodyHTML = ""; this.bodyText = ""; this.buttonText = new Array(); this.comments = new Array(); this.forms = new Array(); this.frames = new Array(); this.iFrames = new Array(); this.inputs = new Array(); this.images = new Array(); this.linkTags = new Array(); this.areaTags = new Array(); this.aTags = new Array(); this.pageSignature = ""; this.referrer = ""; this.scripts = new Array(); this.title = ""; this.url = ""; this.hasFlash = false; this.numPTags = 0; this.numVisiblePTags = 0; this.numBRTags = 0; this.numTRTags =  .......... </script>  [TRUNCATED BY ME]

This is the first time I've noticed them. Are they in any way involved with the Inspect Element or could there be something nefarious going on? I've got an inkling it's built in to Inspect Element, as View Page Source does not show these elements. Every site, both local and remote show the same 2 items. I've tried Googling but I can't find anything. ANybody come across this or have any info?

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Well i was searching around googling the work cosymantecbfw and i think it relates to ' co symantec bfw' for symantec. Are you running any symantec programs?

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Yes I have Norton Internet Security running. I jope that's it. Thanks fobos. I consider myself well protected, but those inserts into Inspect Element gave me a bit of a start!



What an idiot - I didn't even see the word symantec in the name :( That should have put me on the right track. I don't believe it.

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