this is my code (html) i dont know how can i open the page in div , i try with iframe but is failed :/ plz help me!


    <script type="text/javascript" src="script.js"></script>

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css" media="screen" />
    <div class="PageBackgroundGradient"></div>
    <div class="Main">
        <div class="Sheet">
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            <div class="Sheet-tr"></div>
            <div class="Sheet-bl"></div>
            <div class="Sheet-br"></div>
            <div class="Sheet-tc"></div>
            <div class="Sheet-bc"></div>
            <div class="Sheet-cl"></div>
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            <div class="Sheet-body">
                <div class="nav">
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                    <ul class="artmenu">
                        <li><a href="#" class=" active"><span class="l"></span><span class="r"></span><span class="t">Home</span></a></li>
                        <li><a href="phys.html" ><span class="l"></span><span class="r"></span><span class="t">Physically challenged</span></a>

                        <li><a href="adap.html"><span class="l"></span><span class="r"></span><span class="t">Adaptive computer devices</span></a></li>
                        <li><a href="ab.html" ><span class="l"></span><span class="r"></span><span class="t">Abilities</span></a>


                <div class="Header">
                    <div class="Header-jpeg"></div>
                    <div class="logo">
                        <h1 id="name-text" class="logo-name"><a href="#">Adaptive computer devices</a></h1>
                        <div id="slogan-text" class="logo-text">assistive technology computer input/output devices for those with a disability disabled</div>
                <div class="contentLayout">

               <div class="content">
                        <div class="Post">
                            <div class="Post-body">

                        <div class="Post-inner">
                            <h2 class="PostHeaderIcon-wrapper">Introduction</h2>
                            <div class="PostContent">

                                <p><img class="article" src="images/img1.jpg" alt="an image" style="float: left" /></p>
                              <p>&nbsp; </p>
                                  <div>Various computer devices for the physically challenged have made their life a lot easier, helping them to face the world against all odds. It wouldn't be surprising to know that many among us are not even aware of these computer devices, which have shown a new ray of hope for millions around the world.</div>
                                <br />
                                <p>Until a few years ago, being physically challenged was a curse that made life miserable for the individual, by making him dependent on others for basic survival. But things have changed today, thanks to significant advancements achieved in various sciences. Powered with some of the technological marvels of recent times, even physically challenged individuals have become successful in carving a niche for themselves, thus becoming independent against all odds. The world today is largely dependent on computers, therefore not being aware of the tricks of this trade is bound to make a person feel left out. This was the case with all the disabled people until computer devices for the physically challenged were introduced one by one over the last decade.</p>
                            <div class="cleared"></div>



                        <div class="Post">
                            <div class="Post-body">


                <div class="cleared"></div><div class="Footer">
                    <div class="Footer-inner">
                        <div class="Footer-text">
                            <p><a href="#">Contact Us</a> | <a href="#">Terms of Use</a> | <a href="#">Trademarks</a>
                                | <a href="#">Privacy Statement</a><br />
                          Copyright &copy;2012 ---. All Rights Reserved.</p>
        <div class="cleared"></div>
        <p class="page-footer">&nbsp;</p>


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