Hi, everybody,

user post the plancard.click the evryplanbook display popup page with content
how can i make it.

anybody plz help me.

<p><div id="planbook-content" class="float"  onclick='<?php echo url_for('@planbook_planmate') ?>' >

<div><img src="/uploads/planbook/<?php echo $planbook['photo'] ?>" alt="" /></div>

<span class="field-label"> Title: <?php echo $planbook['title_name'] ?></span></div></br>

 Country: <?php echo $planbook['country_id'] ?></span><br /></td></tr>
 <span class="field-label">Area: <?php echo $planbook['zone_id'] ?></span><br /></div>
 <span class="field-label">Place: <?php echo $planbook['place'] ?></span><br /></div>
 <div><span class="field-label">Occasion: <?php echo $planbook['occasion'] ?></span></div>
<div> <span class="field-label">Itinerary: <?php echo $planbook['itinerary'] ?></span><br /></div>
 <div><span class="field-label">Date: <?php echo $planbook['date'] ?></span><br></div>
<div><span class="field-label">Description: <?php echo $planbook['description'] ?></span><br /></div>

 endforeach ?>
<div class="clear-both"></div>
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Have you Googled? There are tens if not hundreds of js popups and lightboxes out there. The code will be included in the download. You could also try jqueryui.com


Hi,sorry to evrybody

I created onclik fun .but did not open new window,i think i code problem.
plz help me.(i wand to both method)this content click one page display ajax formate .
another module,display new window.

function viewPlanbook(planbookId,title_name,contry_id,zone_id,occasion,itinerary,date,message)
        url: $("#url_layer_view").val(),
        data: "layerId="+layerId,
        dataType: "json",
        success: function(personals) {

            var html = "";
html += "<div class='planbook-content'>" + "<div class='text-align-center'>" + "<a href='"+url_planmate + "?planbook_id=" +planbook["id"] + "'>"
"<b>" +planbook["title_name"] + planbook["description"] + "</a>" + "</div>";);



This question is pretty much about javascript. Why not just do it like this, instead of struggling on the ajax?

$sayHello = "hello";
$pop = "";
$pop .='<div style="color:red;">'.$sayHello.' Testing</div><br/><a href="http://daniweb.com">Visit Daniweb</a>';
$pop .='<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, usu facilisi adipisci mandamus an, mel eu convenire torquatos sadipscing. Has etiam tibique indoctum te. In viderer eripuit feugait nam. Ex mea probo reque pertinax, at quo noster complectitur. In purto assum ius. Quod audire reformidans cu vix, nam erat dolore ei.</p>';

<script type="text/javascript">
function pop_it(){
var thispop = window.open('', '', 'width=400,height=480,resizeable,scrollbars');
thispop.document.write('<?php echo $pop;?>');



<a href="#" onclick="pop_it()">Abracadabra </a>

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i need

user click plancard,that time display popup page same content.every plancard unique id.
plz help me.


plz help me.

I think we did. Apart from coding the thing for you, what else do you need? You have references to a number of resources and some unique code from veedeoo. Which ones have you tried and what part of the code has caused problems?

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