Hi, I have never had to do this before but I do not know how to make an htaccess file. I currently have a webhost and have a few addon domains to my original website. I just uploaded a new site as an addon domain. However, when I go to the website, none of the images are loading and my php form does not. I contacted my webhost and they said I need set permissions to allow visitors access to the image folder and run the php form. I do not know how to do this. Any beginner help would be appreciated. I tried looking through google but there was no sample htaccess form I could try out. Thanks in advance for the help

It's kind of strange that you would have no permissions to view an image folder, unless the permissions are revoked. In my opinion a htaccess file does not address this issue. Can you open any file you uploaded in the web root?

in my web root is my main website that has been functioning for years. then I have a subdirectory with this new website. When I go to the HTTP for the new website, all I can see is text and none of the images display. So if you go to http mydomain/images you can see a list of the images but if you click on an image it says "You don't have permission to access /images/arrow-prev.png on this server."

Okay. You need to check the permission of the images folder, using the file manager of cPanel (for example), or an FTP client. I think if the permissions are set to 666, it would be enough to be viewable. If you have console access to your apache machine, then lookup chmod

I used cPanel and the permissions are set to 666 and still nothing. Do you think this is an issue with my webhost then and they are just trying to blame something else? Im still awaiting a response from them other than saying to set permissions in the htaccess file (my root directory has an htaccess file that I do not understand what it means, the addon domain name subdirectory does not have an htaccess file)

by the way, I appreciate your help

A htaccess in the root also applies to sub-folders.

so, is there something in that root htaccess that I need to add/fix to get this to work that you know of to allow images in the sub-folders to appear? or can I add a htaccess file in the subfolder? Its just weird the my images on all my domains and subdomains are working fine except for this new one.

my web host contacted me back and said it was their problem. things are fine now.