I'm using Auctionpress to make a ebay like website. I have over 300 categories you can list an item in. When user is listing a item it only gest a list box with all

the categories..... and then has to go throught all them to find the right one. Instead of that, I want the user to first see all the top parent categories, when

selects one gets all the child categories in it, and so forth, until he gets to final category.... just like in ebay....

i was looking into the code and found this


                    $cattotal=0; $CTOT =0;
                    while($cattotal < $totalthis){ 

                        if(isset($data['cats']) && isset($data['cats'][$cattotal])){ $default = $data['cats'][$cattotal]->cat_ID; }else{ $default =0; }

                        // HIDE THOSE WE DONT NEED TO SEE
                        if($default == 0 && $cattotal > 0){ $hide = '<span style="display:none" id="catlist'.$cattotal.'">'; }else{ $hide = ''; $CTOT++; }

                        $STRING .= $hide.'<select name="CatSel['.$cattotal.']" class="short" tabindex="'.$GLOBALS['tabo'].'">';
                        if($cattotal > 0){  $STRING .= '<option value=""></option>'; } 

                        if(!isset($PACKAGE_OPTIONS[$_POST['packageID']]['pricecats'])){ $PACKAGE_OPTIONS[$_POST['packageID']]['pricecats'] = ""; }

                        $STRING .= premiumpress_categorylist($default,false,$PACKAGE_OPTIONS[$_POST['packageID']]['pricecats']).'</select>';

                        $nd = $cattotal+1;

                        if($default == 0 && $cattotal > 0 && $nd <= $totalthis ){ 

                            if($nd !=  $totalthis){

                                $STRING .= '<a href="javascript:void();" class="clearfix" onclick="toggleLayer(\'catlist'.($nd).'\');jQuery(\'#morelink'.$cattotal.'\').hide();" id="morelink'.$cattotal.'">+ '.$PPT->_e(array('add','19')).' ('.$nd.' / '.$totalthis.') </a>';

                            $STRING .= '</span>';


i don't know if it's here i have to tweak.... and if it is how???


cheers mate

no one? really?

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