I have been looking over current frameworks available and I am looking to settle on CodeIgnitor.

What framework and IDE do you use?

What are the plus sides, limitations of your choice?

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CI good for beginners to Frameworks/OOP. However the looseness of the requirements (models in particular) probably won't improve your skills with regard to moving on to a more mature framework. However for small projects, I find it simple.

My current fave, Yii is good, but doesn't have the same user base as the more popular frameworks (yet). Also copying the whole codebase to a different directory once you're set up seems a bit odd. Pros tend to use Symfony2 or Zend. They give me nosebleed!

IDE: I use Notepad++, Aptana, Sublime Text 2, Bluefish, but also (to my shame) Dreamweaver (free from work).

Thank you diafol. I am starting to learn OOP. I haven't heard of 'Yii', i will have a look at that.

I did look at Zend and well..... very almost gave up :)

I used Aptana 3 a while back, but it kept locking up on me for a starnge reason

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I used Aptana 3 a while back, but it kept locking up on me for a starnge reason

Yeah, I think the first couple of v3 releases were a bit dodgy. Think it's pretty stable now though. Must say, my absolute favourite was Bluefish - it was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, it crapped up for some inexplicable reason and left some crud that stops me re-installing it :( Don't let that put you off though. Loved it.


Your post prompted me to re-download Bluefish. I re-installed and it's working again! Oh BLISS! Thanks Squidge +1 from me!

Oh BLISS! Thanks Squidge +1 from me!

lol, you are welcome

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