Hello experts,

I'm new to PHP/Javascript. I am working on an Online examination system for prospective candidates. This is so as to learn object-oriented programming for my improvement.

Story So far: I have the mechanism in PHP/Javascript/Mysql to create an online test. This lets the user select the kind of test and the number of questions da da da... User logins with a login/password and is ready to take the test.

Now: I'm not trying to be really imaginative and make this test highly user-friendly. The questions (with ID) for each test are stored in a view created at run-time. These questions will be displayed from, say 1 to 20, through Back and Next buttons and will be multiple choice (one answer only).

What I have come up with: I could make the program go to the database everytime the user clicks on the Next button and randomly select a question from the view that has not already been answered. But that would not let me get back the same question when the user clicks on the Back button.

Help: I know that implementing what I want would be more complex (and involves more logic) than I can think of right now. Could someone give me a direction to go for me so I can figure this out?

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You can save the randomly selected id to the session. That way you can keep track of the questions that have been selected, select only questions that have not yet been selected and navigate through them.

Sounds good, brother. Thanks a lot.

I m not happy with this.....

You can display 10 questions on one page and the next ten questions on the next page.
I was trying something similar. I was doing it for a timed test. and that worked but everytime i refresh the page, the timer would reset itself. Can anyone please suggest a solution to solve this problem?? Thanx in advance.

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