Hi there, I wrote code that reset search settings, code is:

function formReset()
    var fields = document.getElementsByTagName( "input" );  

    for ( i = 0; i < fields.length; i++ )
        if ( fields[ i ].type == "checkbox" )
            fields[ i ].checked = false;

    document.getElementById( 'rrpmin' ).selectedIndex = 0;
    document.getElementById( 'rrpmax' ).selectedIndex = 0;

    eraseCookie( _cookieName );


but what I need to change is after reset set up rrpmax as 3000, not 0. any idea how to do it?

Thanks for any hints

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hi lemur,
Try post this question in javascript forum you will get many replies

You are right. Sorry, I posted this here in mistake, unfortunately there is no option to delete this post.

In the future you should click on "Flag Bad Post" and leave message such as "Please move it to XYZ section" and first admin/moderator seeing it will take care of it.
Given that you already made new post in JavaScript section you should mark this post as solved

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