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I got the following challenge. I have a site that is hosted on a windows 2010 server and i am trying to get the website to send emails. The site runs on Apache 2.2.9, PHP 5.2.6 and we set it up to run on port 6000. I have setup the fakemail/sendmail script to send emails and it does so whithout any problems solong as the email adress that i am sending it from is not hosted on the actual box, but rather through a shared hosting provider.

So for example: The system will send mail if the email's from address is 'info@offsite.com' but refuses to send emails where the normal company email is handedled by exchange server eg 'info@localhostserver.com'.

Any ideas

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error logs?

Had a look at the error log. It said it could not find the host. Checked the host and it was correct, tried ip address instead of dns name and it worked.

have you checked the firewall? add an exception

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