Hi friends,

I have designed some files in XP using HTML and javascript and run on IE 6. Everything was fine, but when i run this files in IE 10 and in firefox 11 & 13 it's not working.

can anyone tell me what is the problem?


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We would need an actual explanation of the problem first. Does it fail completely or just not look right? And IE6, really? W3C school stats show IE6 is down to around 1% usage now and it was a terrible browser with plenty of bugs to begin with. Later browsers adhere to the HTML and CSS specs far better than IE6 ever did and will most certainly present differently. I would suggest testing and designing for a far more modern browser.

it displays well as it's designed in HTML but scripts doesn't run, even simple program like 'addition of numbers' not working, when i click button nothing happens.

i have many files but none of this is working in latest browsers,
i know failure and bugs of IE but still it's good for me that every file works like charm in IE6. I am surprised too.

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