hi guys, please post here some php tips, i need some help in php,


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php.net phpeveryday phpbuilders search on google php tutorial


commented: i also read that script but there no more details so i need some extra. +0

there's a youtube channel called phpacademy. They are super helpful. I started out learning from them.


Do all things they suggested above, and then search amazon for books in php if possible look for something that will include introduction to OOP for non-programmers.

!NOTE! do not memorize means to understand the logic behind the subject matter. Learning does NOT always equates to understanding, but understanding is always a proof of learning.

The main key points of learning to program is to be familiar with the syntax, functions, and reserved words and variables.

  1. Read www.w3school.com tutorial on php. DO NOT memorize anything! just read them whenever you feel like reading comfortably.

  2. As you move along the chapters, follow examples by actually writing it on your own and running it own your server. For example, if you are learning how to echo string or variables, you need to do this exeercise on your own.

  3. Read and learn (but do not memorize) all the loops in php, and practice using all of them by actually writing your own script. Write your own example using for, while, foreach loops.. these are commonly use in php and other programming languages.

  4. Read, learn and practice on php conditional statements e.g. if,else, ifelse.. AND the php operators e.g. =,==,<=,>=, +,++... Common usage using the conditional statement if and operator

    if($something == "something"){
    do this;

  5. Read, learn , practice form processing using php by using the following $_GET, $_POST, (not recommended but it is worth experimenting) $_REQUEST. YOU MUST write your own codes for this..

  6. Read, learn, practice MORE on php arrays... learn all types of sorting an array. Use loop or arrayIterator to handle arrays. This is one of the most common method use in processing the data coming out of the database.

    ## example
    $theseItems = array('a','b','c','d','e');
    ## foreach loop usage
    foreach($theseItems as $singleItem){
    echo $singleItem."<br/>";

7 Read, learn and practice form processing with proper santization of collected data.. YOU MUST LEARN this seriously..

  1. Read, learn and practice on how to create, connect, retrieve, update, delete, and insert data to mysql database using php. Immediately, after learning this.. YOU mUSt learn all possible and effective data sanitizing techniques prior to sending them to your database. This part can or May become frustrating to some people learning php and mysql.

  2. Lastly, think of something very simple application you want to write using php. Write a simple programming flow based on the logic of your design. Begin writting this program, test, debug. If you are getting errors, DO NOT give up, but search the Internet about the error and for a possible solution.

The secret here is lots of practice and more practice... books gives us guidance on how other people did it, but in practice we tend to develop our own methods well suited to our logical reasoning, imagination, and comfort zone.


If you go there, be sure to read this too: http://w3fools.com/

Well, personalisedpen in the starting you should have basic knowledge of PHP. And there are lots of free tutorial are available on internet. You can use them and W3school is one of the best free tutorial.

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You can use them and W3school is one of the best free tutorial.

I disagree. Some tuts are OK, but there's a lot of bad advice / mistakes. Pritaeas alluded to this with the interesting site (w3fools).

my advice would be to get something you want to create or find someone you can create something for at a cheap price, then go do it and google each part you want to do: "how do i ..." "session not working" "date()" and read the info on them and create it - you'll soon pick it up.

Its how i started about 5 years ago - and don't set yourself a high target at the start - i started off creating a php script to submit a form

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