I make newsletter with my own developed newsletter sending system. Testing in gmail, yahoo, hotmail some images doesn`t display due of img src rewrite of gmail, yahoo or hotmail. It looks like that there are spaces inserted in img src address because viewing image source there are "+" (plus) sign.

E.g /folder1/folder2/image.png rewrites as /folder1/fold+er2/image.p+ng. But not all image adresses rewrites.

Viewing newsletter in MS Office Outlook, Rouncube Mail, SquirellMail there are no problems with images!

I don`t know is this sendmail system problem, because viewing inserted mail in table in database and display on screen output of sent content there are no any spaces in img src address and plus signs.

Here is sendmail proccess http://paste.php.lv/f119d78ee0f8d21fd00aa4d2227681e7?lang=php

And here is newsletter source http://paste.php.lv/4f149c012f501e1fc36d514e9c2755eb?lang=html4strict

Same images doesn`t display in all mail services like as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail. !

Anyone know how to fix this problem??


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