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The concept of a discussion forum is actually pretty simple, and a bare bones forum system is equally simple. Adding in other features, scalability, compatibility, and security are what take up the lion's share of effort.

If you have any specific questions about how Daniweb in particular works (and vBulletin to a lesser extent), I can answer those.


i see your suggested site and i make a data base with all of it's table that its needed.and i edit the file that was named connect with the names of my host and user and password and database.and run it in xampp.
i can see the first page ,it run.but the home page,make category and creat a topic dosent work!!!


How about you have a try with coding some stuff yourself first? You seem to want answers to things to quickly. Programming takes time - a lot of time. There aren't any real shortcuts. Perhaps come back in a day after you've had some time to mess around with the code, rather than an hour. Sorry if this sounds dismissive, it's not meant to be.


oh no.sorry.you are wrong.i dont want answers to things to quickly.i know that programming takes time .
i just want help me to run a program that have to be run.its not like a program that have a problem in running.it will be run quickly.and i do it and say you its trouble.

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