Hi all,

I have a video on a page on our company website, it's live but not accessible without the URL, it's not displayed on the website yet.

Anyhoo, what I'd like to do, is progressively download it, as soon as you turn up to the website, is there any way I can do this, so the video is already pre-loading without even being on the page?

Reason I ask is because, it's absolutely mandatory that we host it ourselves, and it's like, 360mb in size.

I'm using jQuery JPlayer to play the video, but as i said, the loading takes some time and I don't want people waiting around to download it.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

When the user loads the page, start loading the vidio as plain text using AJAX, then when you have all the data from the vidio in a variable, load the vidio in using the FileSystem APIs and write it to the <video> element.