Hi guys

Our college has a website(php, html, css) that is hosted elsewhere, but now we have a college database (mssql) on a local server and the Director wants me to link the website to the database at the college's server.

Any ideas on how to do that?

thanks in advance

The server where the database is needs to allow remote connections. Your router/firewall needs to allow the website host to connect/reroute. Then you can open the database server by ip address or hostname on the host. Check first with your web host, to see that there are no limitations that prevent this.

thanks a lot hey, even if i re do the site in wordpress, i still have to do it the same way u mentioned above huh?

but thanks so much

Can you access the mysql database on the local server? If so, then just adjust the code on the html site to point to that database. Get the server dude at your college to give you / your site the necessary permissions and let you know what they are.