Hi all,

I want to create a login page modal window. Steps are as follows :

  1. There will be a login icon(small image).
  2. On clicking the icon , a modal window will open having three options (i) Distributor login (ii)Client login.
    (iii) Employee login .If Distributor login is clicked the modal window will be changed as login user, password with message "Distributor login" . The same will happen to Client and Employee login . After login the will be redirected to a page say php or cfm page.

    Thanks in advance


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So whats your problem?


I did it as ,on clicking login icon modal window opens with user and password ,done in jquery but my problem is ,on clicking login icon ,three options to be opened and clicking each options/login javascript/jquery will be replaced with user and password. I need that jquery/javacript.

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