i have created a solution project in Visual Studio. The solution project contains an ASP.net application project and several class library projects. now one of my class library is accessible by other projects by adding class library dll in it.
now i want to hide my one of class constructor from the out side project that using the DLL of my project. i have tried internal modifier with my constructor but it also restrict my constructor to be called from other projects of the same solution project.

can anybody tell me what will be the solution of this problem

Nice Candy.

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no actually i want to make it visible only in the Solution Project in which it is created and all other projects resides in that solution project. My Solution Project contain one Web Application project and three class library projects.


If it is visible to those, it is visible to all that reference it. You cannot make such a distinction. You can make protected constructors, that are only accessible by descendant classes though.

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