I am working on an asp,c# .net project for college. and it all works fine but the method are severly misplaced.
For example the page which should load a test contains the test checking and evaluating.
I think it should b on a class of its own but I don;t want to create a class just for checking a test.

So this is what I have:
*entity class.
***entity** director class (used for every db conection for the entity and object creation)--not sure I think object creation should move to the entity class itself the db methods can stay.
***entity** creator (like a lesson it is an editor the thing is this page also saves it into db holds the db connection rather than use another page for that and just call its methods).
***master page**

Well and other specific things such as menus and things...

For db connection in entity director I use a method which connects to db and when it finishes it closes the conection automatically. That is why as it is I can not move all the db connections to antoehr class which will get parameters and objects from the classes directors (which will b responsible for validation).
I dunno how to send objects to a method htat deals with db an object when they should (should they?) b general.

Is it ok to have director for entity which deals with db connection,for every entity?
Method for calculating the test, where should I put it?
Should it b in the test?

I have a page that builds either exercises for the lessons (don;t need grading) and test (builds from the same questions - they got indication whetehr they are for test or ex but they are in the same list)
This page gets hte list and takes the questios it needs by a parameter it gets by link.

So I dunno , should I create a class for calculating the grade for the test in another class? if so what would this class do? test related grade related ....whould it open db connection? @.@.

I have a method for adding a new subject and a new lesson but they update on the menu only after I close the aplication and refresh teh db as for it being static.

Is that ok? or I will have to add a method to refresh or dunno somehow reform the static list if possible :S
Not that I know where to put this method if at all

Make a diagram of all parts. It will help you visualize.

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