So I am working on a program and it has two seperate classes.. One of them contain the forum layout and the other contain some calculations and totals.. The problem is that the class with the calculations contain a constructor and other functions that I need to pass from this class to the other one (the forum), I don't know how to pass these values and functions, and is it possible to do so?

Thank you

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No.. That doesn't help.. It's not just about the form.. it's about the variables too, I need to pass them from a class to another without re- initilize the whole class again.


When calling the class where the form is to be used, pass the form as parameter ByRef.

Hope this helps

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Thank you.. I made it work

When you declare the class do it in a public module. that way it's accessible to every class in the project, without having to pass it as a parameter.

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