Id like to know as to how to go about creating a web service that validates a registerd user to my site. Also how to register a new user to the site.

What steps shall i take in order to do this? Im using Visual Studio 2008 (.NET Framework 3.5) ASP.NET, SQL server 2005(Microsoft). If there are any examples for me that i can have a look at it would really help.

Thanks guys

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First up, why a web service to validate a user? Does this really need to be done via a service for your project? Normally code in your site handles logins (unless you are using SSO, or allowing users to sign on via their Twitter/Facebook/other social site credentials).
Anyway, there are many examples on the net (Google is your friend). Here's one:

hi thanks for your reply, im doing a website that sells books online. Im not sure wheter a online bookstore does validations of registerd users via the server which is why i ask. If it does how does one go about it? in my project they talk about doing a ".NET Remoting with serviced component", here it says: 'To provide methods for processing data to check login information,register new customers, serach books on categories and retrive customers bill'. sorry if im typing a whole lot of rubbish here, but i would like some advice as to how to do it.

Thanks again for the reply

All of that is normally part of the website itself. But there is absolutely no reason why it can't incorporate web services (maybe because it is intended to add APIs later for other people to use).
Registration,product searching etc is best handled as pages/code files in your project, web services would just be another layer of complexity added for no real reason unless there was some design element that requires it. From what you have said so far it doesn't sound as if they are needed on youe site.

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