i read many discussion threads on this forum but what they all suggest is improving web page by improving meta tags and key words that is all part of html editing. How do i do seo when i design a site using asp.net.

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what i want to know is how should we design a site using asp.net or some other technology keeping in mind seo.
Like i must use feasibility study phase and design phase of development of site to define unique content and remove duplication of content and well structured content on web site. But are there many other things that a site developer using visual studio like IDE should keep in mind while implementing a web site?"

Hey to create a website using asp.net you should refer w3schools.com..
The site will provide you the easiest way to create a website and with its help you can easily learn the whole process...

commented: nice that you posted But my focus is SEO +1

Till Now i have not got any answers that i was looking for.
I was asking what are due diligence steps that i must keep in mind while designing a asp.net site for purpose of Good SEO for site.
i am not asking how to design a asp.net site. My focus is SEO due diligence steps in asp.net.

i searched at many other places and found that what should i do is to think well and provide great and relavent content to site i am designing.

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