I recently done marketing for wordpress based job and they said write a proposal to them. I don't have any experienced about writing proposal and any one know where can I find a copy to referenced. and I don't know much about calculation of the project price with working hours.

Kindly, help me out with this issues please.

PS: If this isn't appropriate with the thread or topic. feel free to move to correct one.

I don't have any templates for you, but I do have some guidance. Just think about what you have been asked to do. The task, to write a job proposal. So what does that really mean? It means they want you to put in writing exactly what you are going to do for them, and for how much.

Break down your job, think about the tasks that you are going to do to complete the project. Then outline them in a summary, use a list, graphs for time estimates maybe. Try Googling "requirements documents", it may give you some ideas, but may also be to in depth for your client. I would say just a outline will do fine.

Thx alot! Hopefully I can find one. thanks again for your help. dok.