Hello dear members i am running an online shopping project past few days my website not working very good it is too slow for loading,i hosted it on a dedicated windows server, and also have a very good internet speed but still have problem loading the web site and also loosing customers can any one help me out please.

You haven't really provided enough information for anyone to help you with. If you're using some sort of content management system for your site you might should contact their support (if they have one) to see if there are some common issues that might be causing your problem. If it's a problem with the web server then you need to contact your hosting provider to see if anything can be done.

It also depend the way you developed it most of the time View State is the major issue for slow ASP.NET application response. Plus if you use AJax.NEt controls with your website then Update Pannels are really pain. Give some details about your site developement methods.

i dont know about it i just konw that its a dynamic website with more then 2 admin panals the hosting server is very good i hosted it on iweb i have many iweb servers there is no issu about the server...

My suggestion you need to do some load test for example add a 2 new web page in your site and load some data from the tables on page load. Add navigation between pages and see how those pages response. (Try navigate between your 2 new page using some kind of link with each other). Don't add any rich controls just Gridview is fine.

So if this works fine. Then start looking your exisiting pages and see what controls you have used. Plus any third party controls. If I were you, I would start re-creating one of the existing page (which delay loading) and add controls one by one to see where is the problem. Hope this helps.