Hello !
I am giving a project to Develop a forum website that people can chat with each other i need your help on where i can get the tutorial or on display records from the databases into a table and some other tips require for the development! Thanks.

Unless you WANT to code everything your self checkout vbulletin if you want a forum. They already have the database and php ready for you, you just need to load it on the server.

when I first started I was using phpBB2, and now I upgraded to phpBB3 and I must say phpBB3 is very good.

What I love about phpBB, is how you can just customize the hell out of it, vBulletin, IPB... you can also do the same, but with phpBB (at least to me) the sky is the limit... plus its free.

Just try it out on this host : free forum hosting

You won't find a tutorial for making a forum. Making a forum from scratch requires a lot of time, patience, and knowledge. If you are just looking for a forum that you can manage and customize, I recommend phpBB3.