Ok, I have a website built for a friend(simple/static). I want to add an amdin panel for him, so he can log in, put pictures into the gallery, change or update his stocklist and change or update his news section with special offer etc (he owns a reptile shop).

I was looking at php, but thought seeing as I know some java maybe I could use this, and maybe it could also extend my java capabilities!

I have copied my html pages into netbeans as jsp pages, is this right? Can jsp do the admin stuff or should I use servlets?

Any help and advice appreciated here.


MVC model, use JSP to show content let servelts handle logic. And yes it can be done, simple example can be see in sticky post on top of this forum about MVC 2

Thanks, I'll have a look...............

if it is a static webpage, what do you need an admin panel for? all you need is to add html code, images, ... and upload it to the webspace.