I am trying to make a forum and still thinking what language to use ASP.net or PHP. Can any one tell me the Pros and Cons of each language ?

I'm not sure how many developers will know both PHP and .NET sufficiently to be able to give you the pros and cons of both languages.

Also, asking that question in a PHP forum may skew any responses you receive.

Loads of information here though.

Do you have any experience with either one?

I have several years experience with PHP.

ASP.net or PHP

Choose what you are most comfortable with. If you want to learn, write the forum in both.

PHP almost free and cheaper hosting fee

@blocblue...i was asking AmrReflection if he/she had experience with either PHP or ASP.net, not you...LOL. The point being is exactly what pritaeas suggest...go with what you know and you are comfortable with.

Lol, my bad. I must have thought you were the OP. Sorry.