hey there guys I need a PHP class to fetch news from different sites,
I use rssphp.net class and its great if I need the title of article and the short description, but what I need is the full story somthing like ?type=rss2 in vBulletin forums
the main output of this class is as

    [title] => مجموعة أميركية صينية مشتركة للحد من القرصنة
    [link] => http://www.alarabiya.net/ar/technology/2013/04/14/مجموعة-أمريكية-صينية-مشتركة-للحد-من-القرصنة-الإلكترونية-.html
    [description] => كيري: الهجمات الإلكترونية المتكررة أصبحت من تحديات العصر الحديث
    [pubDate] => Sun, 14 Apr 2013 08:29:00 +0400
    [media:content] => 

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If you look at the RSS feeds on the site you mention, you can see that they do not provide any content. They provide links to content, so if you want that content, you need to get it yourself (scrape the page).

this is just an RSS of links. there were alot of RSS code in jQuery. look for them in googling

so its depend on source rss to get content
anyway thanks.

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