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i have little roblem with my php code to me its seems to be ok but its not working

function bing_backs($url){      // to get backilinks
    $url = "$url";
    $total = file_get_contents($url);
    $match_expression = '/<span class="sb_count" id="count">(.*?)<\\/span><\/div>/im'; 
   // preg_match($match_expression,$total,$matches); 
    preg_match_all($match_expression, $total, $matches);
    echo $n_clean=$matches[1];  
    return $n_clean=clean_me($n_clean); 
function clean_me($numb){    // to clean the reutrn numbers remove coma (,) etc
return $clean_num=str_replace(",", "", $numb);

echo bing_backs($url);   // not working regex seems to be ok to me

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Can you explain?

How is it not working?

Are you getting an error?

Is anything showing in your log files?

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it simply print word array ..... i test regex expression its correct so it shuld return digits but it cant return

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