Hello to all! please help me to my project. how to make a auto reply using php code and what exactly i need to do? i have simple php code and i think the code is working but theres no receive mail..
auto reply is not working.

pls help :(

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i think the code is working

You think? Make sure. Then try to explain the problem you are having in more detail. "It's not working" without explanation or code is just too vague.

i use the code from php.net :

icant attache the code here, here the link http://php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php
i use example 2

then i set my php.ini to:
SMTP = smtp.hostingserver.com
smtp_port = 25

i have w7 and xampp 1.8

its not working :(

Most likely your hostingserver.com requires authentication. You cannot set that in the INI file.

Done solve my problem :) In fact I contact my hosting server and ask some few things in php.ini and sendmail.ini, fortunately they support the php.ini for your own config. :) so i configure in the way that i need.
so much thank you!

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