Show only duplicate values from array without built in function

$arr = array(3,5,2,5,3,9);
I want to show only common elements i.e 3,5 as output.

The logic here is simple:

I am not a php developer so i am using c++ to explain this method !

int Array[6]= {3,5,2,5,3,9};

//create a for-loop for ArrayA

    for(int i=0; i<6; i++)

//create a for-loop for checking element from ArrayA is equal to any other element

        for(int s=0; s<6; s++)

// to check if terms are equal (note i!=s)

            if(Array[i]==Array[s] && i!=s)

             //Print Array elements or store it in another array and the use any unique array function to see unique elements !

Try to make the code for php yourself !

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I saw this same question here ! if you did not post it then here is the code:

$arr = array(3,5,2,5,3,9);
foreach($arr as $key => $val){
  //remove the item from the array in order 
  //to prevent printing duplicates twice
  //now if another copy of this key still exists in the array 
  //print it since it's a dup
  if (in_array($val,$arr)){
    echo $val . " ";

that question was posted by me @rainbowMatrix

How about something outside of the box:

$array = array(3, 5, 2, 5, 3, 9);
$duplicates = array_duplicates($array);

function array_duplicates(array $array)
    return array_diff_assoc($array, array_unique($array));

Finally got there:


$arr = array(3,5,2,5,3,9);
$temp_array = array();

foreach($arr as $val)
        $temp_array[$val] = $val;
        $temp_array[$val] = 0;

foreach($temp_array as $val2)
    if($val2 > 0)
        echo $val2 . ', ';


I doubt it will work for words, or characters, for this you will have to manipulate the array_keys.


3, 5,

function hasDuplicate($array) {
            $defarray = array();
        $filterarray = array();
        foreach($array as $val){
            if (isset($defarray[$val])) {
                $filterarray[] = $val;
            $defarray[$val] = $val;
        return $filterarray;
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