I'm starting to delve into the world of Web Development after failing to design websites at a good standard. I've had a look through the forums but I haven't found a specific answer(s) to my key problems. So if you don't mind, I will list all of my questions/dilemmas here:

  • Where should i start at with web development? I.E delve straight into PHP/Perl or make sure my HMTL and CS is bordeline advanced.
  • Are there any decent PHP tutorials for absolute beginners? and I mean absolute
  • Do I need to have prior programming knowledge, or the mind of a programming to be a web developer? I like to think I am a logical thinker, but when i was hit with the challenge of JavaScript I crumbled under the pressure.
  • Is it worth being a freelance web deveoper or should I try to, at least, get good at being a designer too?
  • Do I need an undertanding of web servers and networking in order to go freelance?

Sorry for the overwhelming list but everywhere I've looked I've just come across stupid adverts and spam links. I really want to get into Web development as I have seen how awesome it can be for people.
Thanks for any help, advice and answers. It would be appreciated beyond belief.

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I beleive that you really should get your HTML and CSS sharpened. Score moving on to client and server side scripting. Being a developer and designer can be challenging for many. With regard to having a solid understanding about web server applications, it helps greatly.

For the absolute beginner, I'd recommend HTML -> CSS -> JavaScript -> jQuery -> then pick a server side scripting language (PHP, ASP.NET, or Java for example).

Plenty of great books on the market to move you from novice to advanced.

I agree with what JorgeM said: get good at HTML and CSS before moving on to other things.

Then maybe Javascript or PHP. Depends on your own goals. Do you have a specific plan in mind for your website? Perhaps you already have a few functionalities in mind (?).

I'd also recommend learning a graphics software like Photoshop, or GIMP. One of my own weaknesses is graphics; whenever I need an image created, I always have to ask a friend or co-worker. If you ever want to get paid as a web developer, you will need to do your own graphics work.

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