Hello friends,

I am j2ee student and searching for a job of j2ee programmer , but i am facing one problem..............

I am showing three projects one of them is based on online course named is onebook application, now the problem is, when i went for an interniew my interviewee asked what is the url of your project at that moment i said onebook.com, but it's not the url of onebook.

I want to ask what can be the appropriate answer of that question.

Please anyone tell me.

Hello Rajni,
This is your friend .
The interviewee might be wanting from u that url means uniform resource locator that means the location of your web home page within server domain so that client machine in network can access it .
url consist of many parts
protocol type
domain name
port number
relative/absolute path
other information as well
e.g. in your case
your url might be like
u can explore it more in book called J2EE unleashed
Thank you !!!!!

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