Hi everyone,

I am hoping someone here can help me with a problem I am currently facing.

I have a website which I have developed with a web host. I also have a domain name which I have set up to mask the URL of my website. However I need to find a way to only mask the initial part of the original URL, and keep variable names in the URL for linking purposes.

Heres an example

http://someone.phpwebhosting.com/folder/index.html?page=profile&user=Firstname+Secondname <- Initial Link

http://www.example.com <- Domain Name

So with this setup, the domain name masks the inital URL, viewing the page is fine however if you save this link, and then click on it, it will take you to the homepage of the website.

What I want to acheive is to mask just the initial part, like so...

From this -> http://someone.phpwebhosting.com/folder/index.html?page=profile&user=Firstname+Secondname
To this -> http://www.example.com/profile&user=Firstname+Secondname
or even this would be acceptable http://www.example.com/index.html?page=profile&user=Firstname+Secondname

If anyone could help me solve this I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you and I eagerly look forward to any responses.



I once used a iframe, not very "nice" idea, but it worked, in your case, first web page was in www.example.com, with iframe src= www.someone....

so, people only see example, and you can work with querystrings and whatever...don't need to change anything.

It's not a perfect idea, just one I used