Hello friends

In my form I am using two AJAX functions..

Both are working fine...

Problem is both are displying in one place..I want to display it in different locations...

I used

<div id="txtHintGrade"></div>
         <div id="txtHint"></div>

txtHindGrade for first

<span id=\"txtHindGrade\"></span>


txtHint for the second

<span id=\"txtHint\"></span>

Both are displaying in one place where txtHint is given

please help


Are u calling the two in the same ajax call, if u are the last one always gets fired.

can u provide some more code.

check if u have added any CSS class in which u have set property like position: absolute; for the two divs.

check it out

You don't have anything between the opening and closing span tags. This causes the tag to fail to render at all.