Gulp, I hate to even ask because I think I know the answer...

Has anyone ever, or does anyone know if ASP can be used to query a MUMPS database?

Any information appreciated.

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Does MUMPS have a forum/documentation/FAQ? If they have a client library you can use then it should be possible.

So, I am not familiar with MUMPS, but from the ASP perspective, you dont have to worry about the underlying data source since you do not make a direct connection to the data source in any event.

Can you connect to the MUMPS database via ODBC? or is there a driver that you can install on the system so you can directly reference in your ADO code in the ASP page?

We don't have the system in place yet, so it's difficult to know if I can connect with ODBC, etc....but I was just wondering if anyone had ever done it, or knows if it's possible.

We can ask our vendor too - just looking for any input at this time.


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