i have a signup form which needs user to submit his academic information also.
academic info table in database is like this :


now how would i fill this table via asp.net (as a part of signup form with title ACADEMIC INFO) ?
bcz educationlevels are many like,


and for each level user would have to enter examname, institutions, marks etc etc and user have to submit all info in one go, mean just clicking submit button once and all info will be submitted to db , for all levels.

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Do you really need it to be all entered in one go?

It would be a lot easier to enter course by course...

I would put the education levels into a dropdown list that the user select and the rest in text boxes that the user fills in.

You would then run a oleldb command with a SQL Insert query to add the details.

@G Wadwell: your solution is workable but the requirement of my customer is to submit it in one go as i mentioned.
so plz help me keeping that in mind. plz

is it possible to place table here ? mean table having arranged text boxes in Rows and Columns.
sending data via table ?

If I understand what you're asking correctly then this is how I' would probably go about implementing it. I'd start it with a form for a single row and have a button that the user can click to add additional rows. Use a PlaceHolder control and add the new controls inside of it. This way you can dynamically add as many rows as needed by the user. When they submit the form you can loop through the PlaceHolder's controls property to get all of the controls that the user entered.

oh gr8, got it .....say that i fill all fields for 3 education level like
ssc | marks | %age | year
hssc | marks | %age | year
PHD | marks | %age | year
now 3 records for one user ? so how to insert these much records at a time ?

For such case I have created education master table
edu_id, edu_desc, edu_order,
1, SSC, 1
2, hsc,2
3, PHD, 3

I will create on more table user_eductaion
userid, edu_id (ref to above), marks, percent,year

When you insert userid in your usertable at same time you can insert all multiple records from edu_master to user_education with userid just login, rest columsn will be null.

Now when user clicks on eduction page, he will have list of all 3 education detail
So user will simple modify the record by udpating marsk, percent, year. So your query will update record and not insert when user saves

ok tnx :) it helped :)

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