Hi. We had a website designed and it is hosted by Inmotion Hosting. I have an excel spreadsheet that I need customers to view on a web page. There are 10 different spreadsheets what is the easiest way for me to do this? Do I just create a link to each one or can i export the excel sheets directly to my web site. If I can how do I do this. InMotion said I would need a developer to write code and a friend told me to register and buy www.webworksheet.com. My website is www.factoryfasteners.com and the page i want to display this info is titles FF STK X any help appreciated

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Do you want to find a solution for your visitors or staff to download spreadsheets form you database to excel?

if so contact me and I can help you, I resently created a solution for a project I was working on.

if you need to have the 10 spreadsheets uploaded to you website and have the contents viewed on a page, this would be easy as well.

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