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Quick one for you.

I have a client that wants to use a webservice to transfer data from a tablet on a network to an SQL database on servers.

Am I correct in my thinking, as I am completely new to web services, that I can have a web method thats called by the vb windows form application. When the application calls the web method it sends a record from the locally based mdf file, then in the code of the web method I can just use a new SQL connection and command to insert the data received by the web method into an SQL database. Essentially the code in the web method would be the same as if I was inserting into a local SQL database. Am I correct in how this works?

Also I have read about things like serialised arrays etc... which has gone straight over my head, Doh. Does anyone have a simple way of explaining how I could send multiple records to the web service and then input these multiple records into the network SQL database.

Cheers in advance.

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Am I correct in how this works?


send multiple records to the web service

Call the web method for every record. Or create a webmethod that allows to input an array of records.

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