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I want to know the if GD2 run the same as JQuery?

For example for JQuery you need this:

<script src=""></script>

for the code to run.

But for GD2 you need a package but I haven't download it yet.

I just want to know the Pro and Cons between GD2 & JQuery


So it may be me, but what is GD2?

I think he is referring to the PHP graphic library, if so there is no direct relation between JQuery and GD. If you're using a debian based distro then use: sudo apt-get install php5-gd to install the library, but it should be already included in your PHP installation:

Since PHP 4.3 there is a bundled version of the GD lib. This bundled version has some additional features like alpha blending, and should be used in preference to the external library since its codebase is better maintained and more stable.


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Thanks for the reply and explanation!